Smart Joist

I-Joists are an engineered wood product and an upgrade over the conventional wood joist which was not as effective. SmartJoist is a type of I-Joist and compared to its meager size and weight, its strength is commendable. There is a lot of difference between SmartJoist and dimensional timber and the most noticeable difference is that the SmartJoist can carry heavy loads using considerably less timber compared to a standard dimensional solid wood joist. That is the reason why SmartJoist helped remove many common problems faced when using solid timber as joists. A dimensional piece of timber is vulnerable to defects such as crowning, twisting, splitting, cupping, and this is where SmartJoist stands out as a strong solution. SmartJoist’s uniform dimensions and extremely minimal shrinkage also helps in avoiding squeaky floors.

A SmartJoist is light weight and cost effective and can be used for both commercial and residential construction. It has a dependable production quality, highly efficient design, are readily available in all lengths and sizes and are H2s protected. SmartJoists are brilliant when it comes to blocking the transfer of wind and earthquake forces between the floors. Apart from that, they can also be cantilevered to provide balcony support against harsh weather conditions.

DeMar offers the new 70mm SmartJoist that provides users with an immaculate solution for the projects that fall between the 51mm and 90mm, traditional, I-Joist applications. High end engineering leads to these SmartJoists being strong, stiff and reliable and are always ready for a heavy performance. Ultrasonically graded LVL flanges are bonded with exterior adhesive to increase the load carrying capacity. O.S.B (orientated strand board) is also used to enhance carrying capacity.

Characteristic properties

Smartjoist CodeDepth (mm)Flange width (mm)Flange Thickness (mm)Web thickness (mm)Self weight (kg/m)Moment (kN.m)

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