Engineered Wood Products

Engineered wood or composite wood is a term given to manually processed wood, a step achieved by fixing strands of wood using adhesives like Urea Formaldehyde resins (UF), Phenol Formaldehyde resins (PF) etc. The wood can be precisely processed to the point of requirement and according to the national standards. Because of their material, engineered wood products can be used for a large variety of purposes ranging from domestic construction to commercial and industrial construction. It also serves non- structural purposes in floors etc. Plywood and glue laminated are the earliest type of engineered wood, but these days lumbers like parallel stand and veneer are used as structural engineered wood and hardboard, acoustic panels etc as non- structural.

Engineered wood has a lot of visible benefits, making it the go to choice of many construction firms.

  1. The biggest benefit of wood is that it is a renewable source and hence environmentally sound. It also uses fiber of the forest products, which used to be burned away as waste earlier, directly leading to less pressure on the forest and a more cost effective process.
  2. Owing to its uniform structural properties, engineered wood has a much higher load carrying ability compared to normal wood which is not as strong due to naturally occurring knots and cracks.
  3. Engineering wood gives more design options because of its physical properties, which also make it easy to work with.

Demar has an extensive variety of engineered wood for all your construction purposes:

  • SmartFrame LVL15 / F17 in sizes ranging from 90 x 42 to 290 x 42
  • hySPAN LVL in sizes 90 x 35 to 290 x 45

All ranges are available to order along with their accessories. You can send us email if you require a different Engineered Wood product, which would be sourced from our suppliers who carry an extensive range.

Engineered Wood Products


SmartFrame LVL15/F17 H2s

90 x 42 
140 x 42 
190 x 42 
240 x 42 
290 x 42 

The complete SmartFrame range, including accessories, is available to order.

Note:To check more styles available, please view the PDF below: