laserlite 2000

To many people across Australia, the word Laserlite actually means polycarbonate roofing.
It’s a reputation forged by being the best.
When people think about translucent roofing materials they think of Laserlite first.
And the reasons are very simple.

Laserlite ® 2000. Australia’s first choice
Laserlite 2000 is the most popular polycarbonate roofing in the country. It’s Australia’s first choice.

Laserlite 2000 is light weight, durable, 99.9% UV protected and has hail impact resistance. Offering the most extensive range of transparent and translucent colours, three profiles and backed by a lifetime warranty. Whether it’s for a pergola, carport, verandah, gazebo, greenhouse or conservatory, Laserlite 2000 is suitable for even the most discerning home owner. No wonder it’s Australia’s first choice.



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