Fretwork is an interlaced decorative design which is made by carving out portions using a fretsaw, coping saw, jigsaw or scroll saw. Fretwork patterns are usually geometric in design giving off a beautiful design. Wood and metal are generally the materials used for fretwork which makes furniture and musical instruments more visually appeasing. Tracery on glazed windows and doors also falls under fretwork. Fretwork is also used to decorate architecture, where specific elements of decor are named according to their use, for example eave bracket. Some more examples of fretwork are gable fretwork, also known as, baluster fretwork. It is done on metal, mostly cast iron or aluminum.

Originally used to decorate objects with a grid or a lattice, fretwork takes ornamental designing to a different level altogether. Designs have become better and better in modern days. Fretwork is usually created from timber which is a great material to use owing to its properties like easy availability and environmental benefits. Timber fretwork manufacture is now being done by Computer numerical control (CNC) machines which cut out intricate designs which are precise to your smallest specification. Lasers or router/milling cutting implements can also turn timber into flat or 3D decorative items making fretwork a desirable architectural requirement.
At DeMar you can get fretwork with amazing designs and specifications. The fretwork is available under the following categories:

  1. Curved Fretwork
    • Dentil Mould with motifs
    • Ogee Mould with motifs
    • Beaded Mould with motifs
    • Plain with motifs
  2. Straight Fretwork with Motif
  3. Balustrade panels
  4. Frieze Panels
  5. Fret rail
  6. Handrail
  7. Bottom Rail

The fretworks generally take 3-5 working days to deliver.

Note:To check more styles available, please view the PDF below: