Timber has emerged as the most sought after building material in recent times. This has occured because of the many excellent qualities that Timber possesses. Its durability is enormous, almost to the level of steel, therefore timber is resistant to heavy traffic making it an excellent choice for flooring. Timber also has health benefits, for example it is resistant to dust mites and other allergens which is beneficial for asthma patients and other allergy sufferers. Because it is naturally occurring, timber is a renewable product and it is also reusable and recyclable, which helps it go easy on the environment.

It also has other environmental advantages, Timber uses up the carbon which otherwise would have been adding to the greenhouse effect because the carbon is being stored there as long it is in the building. Timber also has the lowest embodied energy when compared to other building materials due to the fact that it doesn’t use up a lot of energy to convert tree wood into timber.

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