Timber is fast becoming the choice of many when it comes to building materials. It has a lot of unique qualities which makes it so desirable. Timber is renewable, reusable, recyclable, it stores carbon inside it, which could add to the green-house effect, has a low production energy hence is more environmentally efficient, and it is excellent when it comes to providing insulation. A product which is readily available all over Australia, Timber is also amazing to work with because it suits both modern and Victorian type architecture by giving your house a unique finish.

Apart from being a brilliant building material, Timber is also useful in decking and screening of your private garden or private space. Carefully positioned timber screening can help you turn your house into a private oasis with a beautiful, sleek and stunning finish. You can also create private courtyards, calm outdoors to relax on perfect sunny afternoons, and beautiful garden features all while adding a contemporary design to your home. All this makes decking and timber screening an irresistible idea.

We at DeMar, understand your needs and requirements therefore we have a host of options for you to choose from for decking or screening your house. The available products are:

  • Cypress Pine (Australian) Board size – 70 x 19
  • Jarrah (Australian) Board size – 65 x 19 and 85 x 19
  • Mahogany (Fijiian) Board size – 70 x 21, 90 x 21 and 140 x 32
  • Merbau (Indonesian) Board size 70 x 19, 90 x 19 and 140 x 19
  • Spotted Gum (Australian) Board Size 42 x 19, 65 x 19, 86 x 19 and 135 x 19
  • Treated Pine Dry ACQ H3 (Australian) Board Size 70 x 22
  • Lattice Fence Extension (Treated Pine) Screen Size 2400 x 600 in both square and woven
  • Lattice (Treated Pine) 60mm Squares Screen size 1800 x 600 to 2700 x 1200

Cypress Pine (Australian)

Board Size  
70 x 19 

Jarrah (Australian)

Board Size  
65 x 19 
85 x 19 

Mahogany (Fijian)

Board Size  
70 x 21 
90 x 21 
140 x 32 

Merbau (Indonesian)

Board Size  
70 x 19 
90 x 19 
140 x 32 


DeMar stock the corresponding joists, bearers, hangers, nails, screws and topcote finishes to complete your decking and screen project.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Our suppliers manufacture an extensive range of decking, so if it’s available, there’s a good chance we can source it. Please ring, email or visit to discuss your decking/screening requirements.

Note:To check more styles available, please view the PDF below: