Paint & Timber Finishes

DeMar offers a comprehensive range of applicators, sealants, primers, fillers, stains, cleaners and even ladders!

For long lasting paint coating on the walls, one should use undercoats that are durable. Duralex undercoats are quick drying and suitable for use with both enamel and water based top coats. These can be used for interior as well as exterior purposes.

  1. ULTRA PREMIUM RANGE – Sun Master Low Sheen and Sun Master Gloss
  2. PREMIUM RANGE – Premium Flat, Premium Low Sheen, Premium Satin, Premium Ceiling White
  3. PREPARATORY AND SPECIALITY PRODUCT RANGE – 3 in 1 Primer Undercoat, Premium Undercoat & Wallboard Sealer, Squash Court Paint

Wattyl Stains & Finishes:
Varnishes not only add the extra shine to your furniture, they also increase their life. For exquisite wooden paneling and interior woodwork, Wattyl stains and finishes offers varnishes in 3 different shades and 8 tinted colours. The availability in two shades, i.e. gloss and satin add more choices for the customer

Wattyl products we stock:

We stock a range of Wattyl’s woodcare range as follow:

  • Colourwood Stains
  • Colourwood Stain and Varnish
  • Estapol 7008
    – Part A
    – Part B
    – Thinner
  • Estapol Ext Varnish
  • Estapol Floor Speed Clear
  • Estapol
  • Estapol Instant
  • Estapol Marine Clear
  • Estapol Tung Oil
  • Estapol XtraClear
  • Natural Decking Oil
  • Oil Teak
  • And also a range of their Killrust product.

Cutek Decking Finishes/Timber Protection:
Cutek wood protection oil will keep your wood looking great for many years. Suitable for use on virtually anything made of wood including decks, beams, windows, doors plywood etc. Cutek oils protect timber from nature’s effects and also make them easy to maintain. Available as a clear oil or with a choice of 10 colourtones which can be added to enhance the natural look of your timber.

  • CD50 Oil – All Timber Protection
  • Extreme Oil – Enhanced Timber Protection
  • LowVOC Oil – Green Star Rated Projects

Haymes Decking Oil & Dexpress:
For long lasting decks and garden furniture, Decking Oil is the best way to go. Haymes Decking Oil stays 3-4 times longer than other brands and hence provides better looking furniture for a longer period of time.

Simply Woodcare – Product Brochures

Decking Oil

  • Water repellent
  • Mould & fungus resistant
  • Penetrates to nourish timber
  • Will not crack or peel
  • Enhances & protects
  • Oil based

The Simply Woodcare colour range offers