There is an extensive category of engineered wood called structural composite lumber. It has members such as Parallel Stand Lumber (PSL), Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL) and Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL). Strong and predictable, Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is a product that is made by joining many layers of thin timber together using adhesives. Laminated Veneer Lumber can also be made by bonding veneer together under pressure and heat. It has strength comparable to steel, concrete or solid timber and is mostly used for beams and rafters. LVL helps provide a cost effective and strong building material which delivers a high structural reliability. I-Joists form a great partnership with Laminated Veneer Lumber as LVLs and I-Joists are specifically sized. Therefore it is the favourite combination of many residential and commercial constructions in roof assemblies and LVL floors.

SmartLVL 15 is the next generation in Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) as it allows smaller cross sections for the same properties of LVL. Conventional lumber is prone to warp, twist or shrink, whereas SmartLVL 15 stands strong due to its composite nature and uniformity. The veneers are dried and the grains of each veneer are placed in the same direction before lamination. This is the reason that LVL is stronger, straighter and has more uniformity than solid timber. It does not come with timber’s limitations such as the ever occurring strength-reducing knots. Similar to plywood in appearance, SmartLVL 15 is much stronger due to its orthotropic properties, which is much like the properties of sawn timber, as compared to plywood’s isotropic properties.

SmartLVL 15 has the following properties:

  • A cost effective Substitute for F17 Hardwood
  • Doesn’t require plating
  • Available in lengths up to 12m, in 300mm increments (lengths over 6m by special order)
  • Can be supplied as H2S or H3 SmartGuard Treated by request
  • Complies with Australian Standards
  • Comes with a clear new generation short term water repellency H2O ShieldTM

Maximum floor load width by either outside member (mm)

Combination (see details below)2 rows at 300 mm ctrs3 rows at 300 mm ctrs2 rows at 600 mm ctrs2 rows at 300 mm ctrs
Combination 134005100750015000
Combination 229004000560011000
Combination 329004000560011000

Note:To check more styles available, please view the PDF below: