Project Panels

Softboard (Canite)

Softboard is perfect for making pinboards, decorating with fabric, packaging in boxes and soundproofing. Softboard is easy to identify as it has a matt white finish and a soft core to make inserting pins easy.

CD Plywood

The strongest, lightest, most versatile utility and decorative product made from a renewable resource, plywood is kilo for kilo stronger than steel. Plywood grades are determined by a veneer quality on the face and back of each panel. The grade is indicated by letters (ie. C/D Plywood). The first letter states the quality of face veneer (best side), while the second letter denotes the surface quality of the back of the panel. “C”: Considered to be a non appearance grade, but a good choice for general construction purposes. Some manufactures may repair the defects and knots with synthetic filler. Panels are typically not sanded. “D”: Considered to be the lowest quality veneer and often used for the back surface for construction grade panels. It can have several defects, large and small, as well as open knots up to 75mm in diameter. “D” grade veneers are neither repaired nor sanded. They are designed specifically for structural applications where the decorative appearance is not a requirement. This grade is not recommended for permanent exposure to the weather.


Chalkboard is perfect for creating blackboards easels, menu baords, lining cubbyhouse walls and an economical way to create fun at play groups and crèche. Chalkboard is easy to identify with a brown hardboard backing, coated with a special chalkboard paint.

Chipboard (Particleboard)

Chipboard is perfect for shelving, furniture making, laminating over, building tables and economical storage containers. Chipboard is a light brown panel with large chips of pine in the core and fine chips of pine on each surface.

Exterior Plywood

Exterior Plywood is perfect for projects to be used or stored outdoors, including permanent signs and garden furniture. Exterior Plywood is easy to identify as it is made of three or more timber sheets that are laminated together, making the panel very strong. The glue used between each sheet of timber in Exterior Plywood is waterproof, so that it weathers well.

Lauan Plywood

Lauan Plywood is perfect for projects such as interior wall panelling, furniture and fitments, interior door skins and ceiling linings. Lauan Plywood, made using ‘C’ bond interior glue is a non-structural, interior ply suitable for interior use only.


Masonite is perfect for making temporary signs for your garage sale, lining car boots, drawer bottoms and cupboard backs, or anywhere that a strong panel is required. Masonite is a thin brown sheet, one side is smooth, the other side is screened to create a very strong panel.

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard)

MDF is perfect for hobbies or crafts, projects with routed edges, cutout shapes or when fine details cutting is required. With a very smooth finish MDF is ideal for painting and has excellent screw holding abilities. MDF is a light brown panel that is made of fine particles of timber pressed together to build a consistent thickness.


Melamine particleboard is ideal for use when a white finish is required. Its surface is prefinished and does not require any painting or finishing of any kind. Available in standard size sheets and in sizes specially for shelving. Sheets in shelving sizes also include a PVC Edged side along the long length of the sheet. Ideal shelving for wardrobes, kitchens, laundry, linen cupboards etc.


Pegboard is perfect for creating toolboards in your workshop or shed, creating storage in your laundry to hold brooms, for shopfitting and displays, or organising chaos in your kid’s closest. Pegboard is easy to identify with a matt white paint over a surface of brown hardboard. These panels have holes across the sheet so that pegs may be easily attached.


Weathertex is perfect for permanent signs, scoreboards, repairing exterior walls, or may be cut into detailed shapes. Weathertex is easy to identify with its thick dark brown backing and it preprimed white surface that is ready to paint. Care should be taken to paint all cut edges to ensure the panel is weatherproof.


Whitecote is perfect for drawer bottoms, cupboard backs and lining cupboards. Whitecote is easy to identify as it is prefinished with a white gloss surface on a brown Masonite backing.

White Marker Board

White Marker Board is perfect for message boards in your home or office, for creating shopping lists for you and your family. White Marker Board is easy to identify by its white gloss finish and is ready to install.


Sheet Size3mm6mm9mm12mm16mm18mm
1800 x 900 mm      
1800 x 1200 mm      
2400 x 900 mm      
2400 x 1200 mm      
2700 x 1200 mm      
3600 x 600 mm      
3600 x 1200 mm      

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