Fences & Gates

Fences not only help you protect your house from trespasses, they are also a great addition to beautify your home. If you choose the proper material and colour to go with your home’s architecture, a fence can make it more enthralling than it already is. Similarly, the gate of your house is not just a secondary thought if you are emphatic about decorating your habitat to the fullest. If you chose fences and gates made out of wood it is a great idea. Wood or more precisely, timber, is naturally occurring and has a lot of environmental benefits while proving useful in giving a beautiful finish to your fence or gate.

DeMar gives you plenty of options to choose from for your fences and gates. One of the brands, Fortress Gates has history of three decades in providing the best materials for your decorative as well as privacy needs. They make gate frames which are up to 2100mm high and 3600mm wide. Fences are also available from Fortress Gates (by order only). Other available products are:

  • Cypress Pine Pickets – Picket Height 900 to 2100 Windsor, Blank, Half Round, Point and Others
  • Plinth Boards & Posts – Board Size 150 x 25 to 125 x 125 Cypress Pine and Treated Pine
  • Steel Star Pickets – Picket Height 450 to 1800
  • Structural Treated Pine Dry – Rougher Headed Board Size 70 x 35 to 90 x 90
  • Complete Paling Fence – 1.5m or 1.8m high – includes: Cypress Pine posts, Hardwood rails: top, middle and bottom, Treated Pine plinth board and Treated Pine palings (hardwood palings are not available)
  • Rapid Set Concrete, Fencing Nails, and Paint are also available.

Cypress Pine Pickets

Picket HeightWindsor, BlankHalf Round, Point, Other

Plinth Boards & Posts

Board SizeCypress PineTreated Pine
150 x 25  
200 x 38  
125 x 75  
90 x 90  
100 x 100  
125 x 125  

Not Available 

A selection of screens and lattices are also available to complement your fence and gate. Please visit the Decking & Screens section for more information.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Our suppliers manufacture an extensive range of fencing and gate products, so if it’s available, there’s a good chance we can source it. Please ring, email or visit to discuss your requirements.

Note:To check more styles available, please view the PDF below: