Timber Cladding

Timber has become a material of choice these days for construction because of its amazing strengths and properties. Timber has many advantages over other building materials. A timber cladding gives a very attractive and durable external finish that follows the 3Rs for nature that is, it is recyclable, renewable, reusable and also is biodegradable containing much less embodied energy.

  • Naturally occurring
    Timber is one of the few natural building materials which makes it less toxic and does not release chemical vapour into the air.
  • Renewable
    Timber is continually being grown in forests making it a renewable resource.
  • Low production energy
    Timber has the lowest embodied energy when compared to other building materials because it doesn’t take a lot of energy to convert a tree into timber.
  • Helpful in storing carbon
    Timber uses up the carbon which otherwise would have been increasing the greenhouse effect because as long it is in the building, the carbon is being stored there.
  • Insulation
    Timber is a natural insulator therefore when used in windows, doors and floors, it can help decrease energy consumption.
  • Easily available and easy to work with
    Timber is milled all over Australia and is therefore readily available. It is a very versatile product and is easy to install and work with.

Demar has a variety of timber claddings to suit your needs.

  • Baltic Pine Weatherboards Primed Round Edge / Square edge Size 175 mm
  • Weatherboard Stop Treated Pine Primed Interior / Exterior Size 32 x 32 (Int) 57 x 32 (Ext)
  • Fascia Treated Pine LOSP H3 Primed Size 188 x 30 & 240 x 30
  • Shingles Western Red Cedar (WRC) Red Label
  • Treated Pine Shiplap cladding 140 x 19

Weatherboard Baltic Pine Primed Round Edge / Square Edge

175 (mm) 

Weatherboard Stop Treated Pine Primed Interior / Exterior

32 x 32 (int) 
57 x 32 (Ext) 

Fascia Treated Pine LOSP H3 Primed

188 x 30 
240 x 30 


DeMar stocks a full variety of weatherboard lengths, in both round edge and square edge profiles. Corresponding timber stops, insulation foil, fixings and fasteners are all kept in stock.

Note:To check more styles available, please view the PDF below: