Flooring & Lining

Timber is a natural insulator; therefore timber flooring can help decrease energy consumption. Timber flooring also adds to your home’s elegance by being flexible to both contemporary and modern design. Timber is also readily available and is easy to install and work with. DeMar can source the perfect timber flooring according to your needs which can be in any shape or size. Flooring and lining is available in a variety of shades ranging from very light through to quite dark. There is a vast selection of different species, ranging in shades from the very light through to the quite dark, for you to choose from. The following is a list of the most popular species available.


  • Baltic Pine Flooring
  • Brushbox Flooring
  • Cypress Pine Flooring
  • Grey Iron Bark Flooring
  • Spotted Gum Flooring
  • Southern Blue Gum Flooring
  • Forest Red Gum Flooring
  • Tasmanian Oak & Vic Ash Flooring
  • Blackbutt Flooring
  • Tallowwood Flooring
  • Turpentine Flooring
  • Yellow Stringybark Flooring
  • New England Blackbutt Flooring
  • Northern Beech Flooring
  • Red Iron Bark Flooring
  • Red Mahogany Flooring


  • Cedar Channel 133 x 10
  • Pine 140 x 22 R.O.M.
  • Tasmanian Oak V-Joint 85 x 12
    • flooring_5
    • flooring_6
    • flooring_7
    • flooring_8
    • flooring_9
    • flooring_10

Baltic Pine Flooring

150 x 22 (mm)

Brushbox Flooring

80 x 19 (mm)
130 x 19 (mm)

Cypress Pine Flooring

85 x 19 (mm)

Grey Iron Bark Flooring inc QLD variety

85 x 19 (mm)
130 x 19 (mm)

Jarrah Flooring

85 x 19 (mm)
130 x 19 (mm)
180 x 19 (mm)

Karri Flooring

85 x 19 (mm)
130 x 19 (mm)
180 x 19 (mm)

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Our suppliers manufacture an extensive range of flooring species, so if it’s available, there’s a good chance we can source it. Please ring, email or visit to discuss your flooring requirements.

Note:To check more styles available, please view the PDF below: