Products & Accessories

Jiffy Firelighters
Jiffy Firelighter cubes deliver an odourless and smokeless flame. Each cube ignites instantly and burns for up to 13 minutes.

DeMar kindling is produced from both seasoned pine and hardwood offcuts from a local processing operation. Seasoned pine is extremely easy to light and burns very hot and fast. Seasoned hardwood is an excellent fire starter when used in conjunction with seasoned pine. Using DeMar kindling to light your fire eliminates the need to split firewood into an appropriate tinder size.

Briquettes are the perfect partner for wood; they offer a wood fire more intense heat and a slower burning time. Briquettes are suitable for most wood heaters and open fires and are available in 20kg bags.

Eco Logs
Eco Logs are an all wood product comprised simply of clean, dry sawdust and shavings that have been mechanically compressed to form a solid log. As an alternative to natural firewood or as an excellent kindling source, Eco Logs burn cleanly, hotly and with very little ash residue.